Diet Tips before Christmas

Diet TipsThe following tips for the Christmas diet allows us greater control on New Year’s Eve and enjoy while not losing sight of health- Limit liquid calories: reduces the income of empty calories to the body with sugary drinks or alcohol. The best alcoholic drink them in small quantities and, if possible, not daily.

Do not resort to diets or miracle products: both pills, shakes, apparatus and miracle diets are only a consumer deception, because on one hand we spend lots of money and time on this type of strategy and secondly, all that do is ruin our health and prepare for a change in metabolism that probably conditional our eating behavior and emotional health, which is often very damaged before the famous rebound.

Plans and organizes: flexible planning weekly menus and the organization with meals facilitate the achievement of a diet tasty, enjoyable and healthy, so try to plan meals varied, in appropriate portions, and with plenty of nutrient addition calories. Avoid empty calories.
Do not skip meals and avoid snacking: snacking or eating standing or sitting while watching television or at the computer are not good behaviors, because these intakes do not satisfy, if not recorded and add calories. Also, avoid skipping entire meals because hunger level increases and prepare for higher intakes.
Do not Forbid: try to enjoy those snacks that you like and if you do not lose control of the amount and frequency, when you want to eat a sweet, do not forbid it, but eating a little sweet, to be enjoyed slowly and savoring more effectively and soothe the cravings.

With these tips and without taking extreme measures, you can take a proper diet before Christmas in order to achieve a reasonable consumption, pleasant and without negative health consequences in the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve.

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