Dangers of laxatives to lose weight

lose weightThe laxatives– First of all we mention it’s very unsafe to use them in this way and it should not. We’ll tell you why, pay close attention!
Long ago beliefs prevail that said the use of laxatives helped a less fat absorption. Hence, many people use them for these purposes; however, this practice can bring us many problems.

We must tell you that the main function of these products is to accelerate bowel movements, thus also accelerates the digestive process. This leads to greater speed of the bolus and less time for the body to assimilate the nutrients, therefore, we can create a nutritional imbalance, resulting in anemia, dizziness, weakness, and more.

And with this we can even reach malnourished body. It is important to understand that laxatives are NOT burn fat or anything; they also increase the secretion watery bowel, so we also lose more fluids and can become dehydrated. This causes us to lose minerals and electrolytes out of balance which can lead to dizziness, kidney problems, and arrhythmia, among others.

It is for this reason that we strongly recommend using them in this way, because we can seriously harm our body. This is all we had to tell you today, I hope this information is very useful, good luck!

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