Christmas 2012 Recipes

Christmas Recipes Celebrate 2012 Holiday another Christmas together sharing recipes and celebrating our passion for cooking. But this year we will inevitably not the same, some you will be new around here and others, unfortunately, they will not be with us to share the special moments that live on these dates.

I can not imagine how it should be spending Christmas or any other time of year, longing for loved ones who will not return, so to speak before Christmas recipes and other things like that have not the slightest importance, I want to send you a big hug with all my affection to all who have lost someone close.
Christmas 2012
December has arrived and as every year has made me “to take the bull” again. I had planned a special article to prepare recipes this Christmas 2012, full of pictures and links but almost everything has been omitted.

Still I have some recipes and ideas that I will share with you this Christmas. I leave a small preview and gradually I’ll add some more stuff if I have more time.

We start the week seeing as cook seafood, specifically see how cooked prawns, which is undoubtedly the most widely used seafood at this time and will be very useful to review the firing technique to get a firm prawns with a good salt . We will also have a special week dedicated to the spikes, we see an assortment of snacks for you to have variety to choose from when it comes to receiving your views.

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