Celebrate Christmas without gaining weight

Celebrate Christmas foodThe year-end Christmas holidays are at hand. Such tasty food offered this time, makes us eat more than usual and gain weight. These holy days there are many potlucks, parties, the inns, meals and drinks plentiful and not missing the opportunity to snack between meals.

Some people decide to diet before the holidays to “eat big” and make the pounds certainly rise.

The stricter decide to diet during the holidays, which is almost impossible to countless culinary temptations. Others are motivated by a desire to “go on a diet in January” and eat with abandon during the holidays.

As you know, these days are not suitable for those who want to keep the line and health. However, even if you are in good shape or you are overweight and do not mind fatter, not abuse food.

It is important to watch your weight, you should not completely deprive yourself of treats you eat once a year. The secret is “self”, in other words: “restraint and caution”.

The important thing is to eat and drink without overdoing and not only avoid increasing several kilos, but also avoid terrible indigestion, indigestion and other health problems.

You wonder how you can celebrate Christmas without gaining weight. Here’s how to do it.

Beware of pecking. Do not fill your pantry with snacks and sweets typical of the era. So avoid the temptation to be snacking between meals. When preparing special Christmas dinner, have on hand a tray of snacks Light. It will help you avoid the temptation to try a little of everything.

Control the quantities and do not repeat. The Christmas feast includes many delicious dishes. Try to get your rations are moderate and do not repeat. Come all, but in small quantities. Modera sauces and side dishes because they add a lot of calories.

Go for turkey meat. Usually by this time eaten pork, lamb or turkey. Which has less fat and calories is turkey meat. 100 grams of defatted turkey provide: 240 calories; thigh: 130; breast: 115, while the lean pork provides: 275 calories, if semigorda: 300, fat: 350.

Tamales. The tamales are consumed in many Latin American countries contain enough fat. Do not deprive yourself completely, but limit yourself to one or two during the season.

Beverages. It is classic abuse of alcoholic beverages during the holidays this year, which are very caloric. Moderate alcohol drinks. If you drink beer that is “light” or low calorie. Beware of holiday drinks like eggnog or milk punch and fruit punch. Red wine is less caloric than white, and champagne over the cider. Drink diet soda and drink plenty of water especially.

Kitchen baked. Avoid fried, battered or breaded. Remove turkey skin. Try cooking your casseroles or roasts that carry less fat.

Sweets, desserts and candies. At this time the extra sweets, desserts, delicious chocolates and candies. Beware, they bring a lot of calories. If you crave something sweet, preferably who is Light, and avoid a few calories. Jijona nougat and marzipan are less caloric than almond nougat. Come desserts in moderation and avoid fattier.

Compensates excesses. If you could not resist temptation and fell into the excess. you will want to do a detox diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy, one day a week. Do everything you can exercise to burn calories.

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