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Style GuideWomen who like to have a sense of harmony birth, understanding of style. They are able to engage in a special scarf, brooch pin, suddenly, effectively and at the same time just to collect the clothes in a single ensemble. They accurately choose a model according to their gait and posture.

Women are endowed with talent elegance, become an example for others and actually carry out the development of fashion. Admit it, always notice those who wore unusual, but each has its own reaction: some funny, some repeat seen style, and someone just does not like.

Alas, not all given at birth aesthetic sense, but it can also develop in himself, as well as other talents.

First of all, of course, need to learn myself and try different combinations, proportions, colors and shapes – do not be afraid to experiment. After all, you can find the style only when you’re looking for him, and blindly copying others can not become a model for others to follow.

In addition, the fashion is changing, and we ourselves are changing:  Losing weight often in life things happen that somehow appear on this form, and therefore the relationship to fashion new ideas emerge, and sometimes conflict.

Therefore, it’s great when fashion – your “ally”, but not the enemy, requires sacrifice.

For example, you are a very tight-fitting clothes, and in vogue voluminous silhouettes. What to do?

First of all, you can always pick up a volume that will not hide your figure – slightly deepen the shoulders, wear a wide belt or a decorative highlight hip line.

Secondly, you can play on the contrast, for example, combining a wide coat and slinky dress, or a broad, voluminous sweater with tight trousers or leggings.

Another example: you prefer business style and feel comfortable only in a short dress, but in fashion now feminine details – bows, ruffles, flounces.

There is no reason to drastically change your style at the expense of their own comfort. Sufficiently rigorous to add a little bow blouse, natural in tone blouse, or a soft scarf.

Or, for example, came into vogue sport style – jackets, jeans, and you love to flirt.

Possible to the same rough denim jacket easy to find silk dress in a delicate flower, but to supplement the ensemble thin leather belt. In any case, fashion is diverse and sometimes rather one or two details to look modern, but without feeling like a lifeless mannequin.

The point is not so much in fashion in clothing, but in the chosen cover.

It is very important to choose the form of a figure to the proportion of the model was made invisible flaws and stressed your dignity.

People with perfect proportions are actually very small.

We are all different.

But there are two of the most common body type.

The first type – long legs, narrow hips, broad back and shoulders and not a slim waist.

The second type – elegant top, long, slim waist, wide hips and short legs.

Of course, not all correspond to the two types, but each girl tends to be one of them.

This and should determine the proportions of clothing.

Those who belong to the first type are ideal free elongated jackets, coats, sweaters, belts on the hips, tight pants and skirts, extended not from the waist and the hip.

Women are the second type of figures are form-fitting dresses and slutty tucked inside the blouse, tight sweaters and skirts with soft pleats. Terrible look skinny skirts and tight pants hip.

I want to say more about some of the details that are important when choosing a style of clothing and accessories.

As a rule, people of small stature head relative to the body is more than the highest. And those who want to increase your height a pony or a hat achieve the opposite effect.

It is best to wear shoes with thick, dark soles or high heels (but remember: the maximum, healthy heel height – 5.7 cm)

Girls with short neck in any case can not wear collars in the form of bulk clamps adjacent to the neck, and cuts “boat.” Visually lengthen the neck-collar unbuttoned elevated rack.

Choosing the right jeweler not only give elegance to your image, but will also help to highlight your beauty and taste.

Long neck will look perfect beads of any length and shape, but if you are with a magnificent bust, it is better to choose a thin chain with a large pendant – a perfect option focuses on the length of the neck and the beauty of the bust.

Few people will notice that you have small breasts, if you wear a long, colorful and multi beads.

They may be of different lengths – up to the chest and waist, but the main thing that they are bulky.

On a short neck will look good very long necklace of small stones. Try also to avoid large pieces – they visually make the neck shorter.

No comprehensive advice on all occasions, but drawing attention to the nuances and touches that make the same clothes look the same, give you grace, a sense of ease, or, on the contrary, hold down and make ridiculous and funny, try not to miss the small details which play a very important role in the formation of your image.

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