Women and men lose weight differently

lose weightWake code of health and youth.The seminar was a presentation of the unique International Medical Center “ERA healthy and young“, which has no analogues in Russia or abroad. Program center “rest, losing weight” presented clinical nutrition specialists “Factor of weight.”

The preparation of all its programs dietary support for both clinics, as well as our partner, International Medical Center “ERA healthy and young”, we always place emphasis on different approaches to losing weight men and women. Nature would have it, the body of a man born has the ability to burn fat faster than a woman’s body.

In the male body contains more fat-enzymes, so they lose weight faster. And indeed the fat cell in males and less lazy to accumulate fat. But the muscle tissues in the strong sex more, so weight loss is important to use the most of this resource. That is why the fitness center for men – a necessary component of weight loss.

And for the fair sex gym – no main assistant in fat burning. But we should not rush to sell your tickets! The exercises are performed correctly, helps the muscles to be in good shape, contribute to the formation of fine feminine silhouette. Hospital dietitians recommend minimum load, but at least one hour. For the sport to the bone in order to throw off two pounds is not likely to result desired women.
Female body, by its nature, is more prone to fat accumulation. However, one of the activators of this process – estrogen, the female sex hormone. Consequently, the body of the fair sex initially is programmed to store fat more quickly and efficiently. Estrogen – the cause of the accumulation of fat during puberty, pregnancy and oral contraceptives. Fat is necessary to preserve the reproductive function and normal pregnancy.

In women, fat is broken down at a rate from five hundred to nine hundred grams a week. Wait miraculous “minus five per week” is not worth it, is the “extra weight loss” will occur due to withdrawal from the body of water, not fat loss . Men can throw off the weight is much faster due to the fact that they help exercise. Although periods of stagnation or “plateau” are both men and women. Adapting to the diet, the body slows down, and the weight is hard to spot. At such times, you can use the fasting days and adjust the diet, along with his dietitian.

Top tips for women from the clinical specialists ‘weight factor’:

1. No low-calorie diets and starvation! Fat cells begin to actively store fat if loses nutrients. Need a balanced diet with a minimal amount of fat and simple carbohydrates.

2. Water is required! It accelerates fat loss, dissolves and removes the oxidation of fat, maintaining a high rate of degradation. Water helps the skin to tighten and smooth, when the volume decrease. At least two liters a day!

3. Remove snacks! Pastime or leisure accompany only green tea without sweets or a glass of clean water without gas.

4. Before menstruation, many women have “increased appetite” particularly drawn to the sweetness. This is caused by fluctuations in blood sugar.
So get on board “The recipe for the fair sex.”

A few days before menstruation make healthy and tasty drink:

– Half a cup of dried fruit (choose those that are prepared without added sugar, even if they look tatty);

– Half a cup of hot green tea.

Insist it all overnight. On the morning of the mass is mixed in a blender, add one cup of green tea. Squeeze the mixture in half a lemon or lime, add a bit of spice – cinnamon and ginger. Cinnamon blunts appetite and speeds up metabolism ginger.

Drink a week before menstruation and during the day in small portions. Also, drinking this drink is easy to avoid evening hunger pangs and, consequently, a heavy meal.

Top tips for men from clinical specialists “Factor weight”:

1. Replace spirits – brandy, vodka (sometimes beer) – and requires a good calorie snacks, a good red wine.

2. To avoid overeating, pre order lean meat: beef, veal, lamb, grilled or as kebabs. Remember the seafood, because they have very little fat and a lot of substances that are important to men’s health. The meat is excellent combined with vegetables. Go ahead, you can eat vegetables as they want. Important only dressing. Olive oil – this is what you need.

3. Noted that in the process of waiting dishes bring cold snacks and freshly baked bread. Make sure that the bread was the only rye flour, and as snacks can be ordered beef carpaccio, seafood.

4. Office lifestyle leads to a small energy loss. It is believed that physical activity per day should be at least an hour. Replace lift the elevator climbing stairs, you walk when possible.

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