What is raw food diet?

weight lose dietThe main requirement – do not expose to temperatures above 35 degrees (some sources say is it permissible temperature of 40 degrees.) At temperatures above 35 degrees begin to break down enzymes. If I say briefly that it is, then the enzyme – an enzyme that is in every living product that creates the conditions for autolysis or self-digestion.
In the wild is extremely widespread phenomenon of so-called autolysis (self-digestion). Its essence is that the digestion of food by 50% determined by enzymes contained in the gastric juice is not” consumer “, and in most tissues of the” victim “, which can be a plant or an animal.

Gastric juice only “includes” self-digestion mechanism. This tissue “victim” in every cell there is a lot of points splitting. happens like an explosion inside tissues throughout their thickness, resulting in the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients optimized and much faster. ” (From the book: The healing power Shatalov GS based on energy feasibility. – M.: Culture and Traditions, 1995. – 288.) (P.38 – 39).

“It is established that there is a kinship between the enzymes, hormones and vitamins. It is known that vitamin deficiency diseases and diseases caused by faulty internal secretion, explains violation enzymatic processes in the body.
With 60-80% of raw food enzymes reach the small intestine intact. But to penetrate the intestinal wall, they fall into epoenzimy and coenzymes and after contact with blood again joined by activating the processes of life.
Vitamin E, which is replete with fresh vegetable food, acts as a protective factor enzymes.
As already mentioned, the induced autolysis is possible with the active participation of the enzyme, which greatly facilitates the work of the digestive glands. When enzymes are used in large quantities in the intestines released oxygen. Oxygen-rich layer is necessary for the development of a healthy intestinal bacterial flora, it also prevents the development of disease-causing germs.

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