Weight loss program on the weekend

Diet programThe weight loss program is comprehensive, applying only one factor (in this case exercise), not achieved satisfactory results. What weight loss program do to raise lowered kilos in a week? First you must adjust the amount of calories you consume, because it represents 70% of the success factor in losing weight.

Physical activity should not leave for any reason, for without the same weight gain could be higher. The recommended approach is to increase the amount of exercise to burn at least 2500 calories a week.

However, its main drawback may be to control the urge to eat, then require help of a professional trained in handling such situations by a method consisting of group therapy, where control is revealed and psychological motivation underlies the compulsion to overeat.

This may be the most important factor in weight loss program, recognize what are the psychological reasons that push you to overeat and to control them, to avoid falling into the fall and rise cycles that are so harmful to the body.

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