Weight Lose Surgery

Weight LoseThe sedentary lifestyle, little or no exercise and high intake of calories, along with the fast pace of life as there seem to be the main reasons for overweight and obesity.
Although there are various alternatives for weight loss, weight loss surgery Barbaric is the only one that has been facilitating the patient to remove a lot of weight and keep it off. This can be very positive for super-obese patients, but for medicine and science, is a failure to try to find less drastic alternatives or solutions to fight this increasing health problem that is obesity.

There are two main types of weight loss surgery. One of them is the lap band, where an adjustable band is placed creating a small pouch in the stomach, thereby limiting the amount of food you can eat.
Another technique mixes the restriction of the stomach and the small intestine cut to reduce the area that captures the calories and nutrients. Both procedures allow the patient to lose weight, although this combined approach is more effective than the other.
If patients eat plenty or too fast, feel discomfort immediately. Patients who have gastric bypass surgery, usually eliminates a lot of weight in the first two years, then rise and stabilize not much later.
A study finds removal average weight of 50 kilos after 14 years, more than half of overweight patients before going into surgery barbaric weight loss. An analysis by the Dartmouth Medical School found that gastric bypass surgery may increase the life span 2 or 3 years more than the average. For all these successes, the number of interventions in the United States has tripled recently, less than 20 000 in 1995 to more than 60,000 this year.
This increase is the rising number of obese Americans in the country, improvements in surgical techniques for weight loss, the testimonies of celebrities who have had surgery to lose weight and show off their achievements, and the desire of insurers to pay for weight loss surgery as a cheaper alternative, instead of paying for all the costs of health care that are generated from the drawbacks that obesity brings.
The weight loss surgery usually costs $ 20,000 in the United States, or a little more. Both types of operations carry risks, as all weight loss surgery. One in 100 to 200 patients die from problems or at the time of surgery for weight loss. Many patients bring nutritional absences and some will require further surgery to rebuild his body after removing weight so severe. And although many kilos reduced, many patients are still above their ideal weight.
The weight loss surgery is only recommended for severely obese people 100 pounds or more for men, 80 extra pounds for women or if there are morbidly obese, but overweight brings health problems such as the diabetes. The weight loss surgery is the last resort for people who can not lose weight by any other method.

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