Tips to lose weight for good

lose weight1. Has to make the decision to lose weight, become aware of what the goal you want to achieve. Once you have the decision made is critical to write down on paper what your goal and achieve it’s like to try.
2. Place this paper in a visible place, such as refrigerator door, so every time you open the door so tempted first thing you see is what you wrote.
3. Consider viable objectives and short, and remove from ½ kilo to 1 kilo weekly. If audience lose 10 kilos in a month, will be more complicated and therefore more easy to become frustrated.

4. Keep track with the weight being eliminated every week. This will serve as a stimulus.
May. Keep physically active, walk ½ hours per day and physical activity localized.
6. During the first week of treatment for weight loss, protein diet can practice a detox diet to cleanse the body and facilitates the metabolism is accelerated.
7. After this week, begin a diet balanced protein diet. Doing this type of diet protein diet weight more slowly eliminated, but in stages and effectively, preventing double weight increase.
8. It is crucial that a doctor or nutritionist to examine its evolution, so do not throw in the towel and continue treatment.
9. Whenever you feel stuck, remember your goal.
10. Spend a few minutes a day to do a relaxation technique. This will help you to connect with yourself and reduce anxiety.
11. From the standpoint of food, always keep in the refrigerator an emergency kit to treat anxiety from diet protein diet.
12. Consider making some psychological therapy to supply control this anxiety.
13. Do not feel like you can water flavoring it with light or concentrated juice drink diet soda or tea.
14. Moreover if you are a long time away from home, you can prepare meats and take them.
15. Go for a walk, relax and connect with nature, this produces endorphin that will give pleasure and encouragement to continue on.
Generally when diet protein diet fails, it should make a comprehensive treatment that takes into account not only the protein diet for weight lose, but also other treatments that facilitate weight loss and weight regain twice.

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