Tips for parents of overweight or obese adolescents

obese adolescentsChild has a few extra pounds, do not behave like an authoritarian parent, but as a caring father and container. If rebukes him all the time by what you eat, you will get the opposite effect insurance. Remember, he’s a teenager.

• Encourage her, give her security, saying that it can achieve, that way it will be easier for him, because he will feel content.

• development Accompany diet. The family must do the diet along with it, or adapt it to other family members. Is useless if your child does diet and beside one of the family eats a piece of chocolate cake. Probably feel really bad and live such treatment as torture and the conclusion will be the abandonment of the diet.

• Work with a doctor, he will guide you to the best treatment for your child.

• Attend SHGs for weight loss, in every country there are groups which addresses the issue of overweight from different points, not just the food issue, but also the psychological and social problems. It aims to address the problem from every point of view, to make your son / daughter really lose those extra kilos, and tackle the real causes of overweight.

• Be aware that if it comes to helping your child at this time, he will pay the consequences later problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hyperglycemia, rheumatic problems, etc..

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