Three habits to help you lose weight

lose weightBeautiful and slim figure the only way to lose weight seems a strict diet. It would seem simple: if you want to lose weight – just do not eat. In fact, everything at the same time more difficult and easier. Difficult – because it does not always depend on the effectiveness of weight loss dietary restrictions, easier – because not all and not always have to go on a diet to get into your favorite dress. Some have to change some habits, the weight began to go by itself …

Eat on schedule
Israeli researchers have found that weight loss is not necessarily “starve yourself”, denying everything. Suffice to streamline their life – in particular, there are on schedule.

With this approach, you can lose weight even on a normal diet that includes fatty foods. Fat in this schedule will not be delayed at the waist and hips, and will soon be converted into energy.

According to experts at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem), the schedule plays a crucial role in providing a special metabolism. In the course of the experiment and the scientists for three months fed mice on different paths. The first group were on a diet and fed on schedule. The second group also used the non-nutritive products, but with no timetable. Rodents from the third group ate on schedule fatty foods. The fourth group was “lucky” more than all – mice regaled what and when they wanted.

As expected, the subjects of the fourth group recovered most. Results surprised scientists mice that ate on schedule fatty foods. They weigh less than their counterparts who ate a low-fat products without a schedule. It was found that consumption of fat immediately went to get energy, and not put off by the body.

The researchers concluded that the schedule is more important than food that we eat. An organism that gets food every day at the same time, successfully copes with the processing of products. Metabolism speeds up, and the error in the diet are for the figure by. Dieters experts recommend not to count calories , and stick to the regime.

Physical activity
For a long time erroneously believed that physical education classes only increase the appetite. Recently, American scientists have experimentally determined that fitness changes the motivation to eat: appetite decreased, and the person is not trying to make his usual amount of calories throughout the day. Obviously, the loss of appetite reduces the amount of food consumed and gradually solve the problem of excess weight.

Specialists Brigham Young University in Provo (Utah), organized an experiment in which fixed the level of motivation of the fairer sex with electroencephalography. Half of the participants had a normal weight, in the second half – obesity. Scientists have studied the effect of jogging for the next meal.

Participants were engaged on a treadmill for 45 minutes and then viewed 240 pictures with food and flowers. Pictures of flowers showed a reaction member to images not related to the theme of food.

On the head of each participant had electrodes that record brain activity. Measurements were made every day. At the end of the week, when participants do not use the machine, the researchers re-scanned their brains while viewing pictures. It was found that exercise reduced the reaction of women to images of food, and, therefore, reduced appetite. This trend was detected in both groups of women – with a normal weight and those who suffer from obesity. It is noteworthy that the study participants did not try to compensate for foregone morning calories throughout the day.

According to Professor Michael Larson, the study showed how a neurological reaction occurs in humans for food after exercising. Scientists plan to find out how long this effect can last if stop training. Rather, for the sustainable reduction of appetite sports have to deal with regularly.

Read the label
Spanish researchers have found that curiosity and sensitivity, which manifests itself in the regular women reading labels on food products, promote good shape. According to a study conducted by the University of Santiago Composedly, these women weigh about four pounds less than those who have not read the product information.

This conclusion is based on the experts made 25,000 reports on health, consumer habits and diet of Americans. Specified number of people have also been interviewed for the habit to review information about the product on the packaging. Was analyzed and the weight of the participants.

It turned out that all weigh less than people who are wondering what kind of product they are considering purchasing. List of data to which consumers pay attention, includes calorie, the presence of food additives (natural and artificial), the presence of vitamins, etc.

Most attention to labels pay attention the fairer sex with higher education. In this case, the citizens are interested in the characteristics of food more villagers. But smokers and smokers (regardless of where they live) never acquainted with such information. It is understandable – if they are daily “smoke”, they just are not interested in their own health. And the information about calories and dye them completely useless.

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