The most commonly used excuses for not going to the gym you sound?

gymThese are most pronounced excuses to get rid of the gym and practicing physical activity, the dismantle you!

Is clearly demonstrated that the exercise is a basic and necessary activity to keep in shape and take care of our body, it is a very healthy practice and that all doctors recommend doing regularly. We are not telling anything new right? The truth is that the multiple benefits of any physical activity are now, more or less, known worldwide. So why is it so difficult to practice some sport or go to the gym? The phrase “I have to sign up to the gym “is a classic that used to stay in the air , even as often pronounced, the fact is that we never found the time to start such activity.

We justify a multitude of excuses and just do nothing. Know then, some of the most typical excuses and see how deep, no reason not to exercise.

The ultimate excuse “I have no time”, yet one of the least credible therefore always take time apart with minimal organization, also little exercises you can perform daily activities, such as climbing stairs and not take the elevator or walking to work, shopping, etc..

If your excuse is that “you are very tired” because your day is pretty hectic already, then what you need are activities that you exercise while you relax, such as yoga, pilates or tai chi.

If you like sports but “the gym overwhelms me” is very easy! Exercise outdoors, run, ride a bike, go hiking, mountaineering, climbing, all outdoors!

If your excuse for not going to the gym is “too expensive”, is practiced, ride the home gym, it’s become stairs steps, or salt to outdoor exercise that does not cost a penny!

If “the effort is not mine” choose calmer activities, as described above, yoga, pilates … or sports that do not require much cardiovascular exercise, such as golf or archery.

“I get bored quickly” the gym can be associated with a practice boring, but what if you get to go with friends? While you assemble you urge to each other, in addition to and remember that many sports can be fun, tennis, volleyball, paddle tennis is now fashionable …

If your excuse is that you lack “willpower” a good option is to join spinning classes, aerobics or dancing, they are more fun i also just socializing with grup.

If you think “mine is thinking” activities that require concentration seeks any, of course! Such as hiking is facing, it forces you to use all kinds of maps and compasses.

“I hate to sweat,” Well, if you are very thin and sweat is not your thing then the pool! It is one of the most complete sports and suitable for everyone.

“I do not like routine,” plans each week to different activities, bike one day, another Tennis, running, go to the gym, etc.. ‘ll play a little of everything while you’re having great and also look after your body.

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