The Mediterranean diet helps you lose weight

dietThe Mediterranean diet

are not few, but just at this time when many are trying to lose those kilos gained during the holidays, a study shows that the Mediterranean diet helps you lose weight healthily.

With the Mediterranean diet can lose weight steadily over time without major dietary restrictions, because it is a diet that can be performed in a real environment, is sustainable in the long term and can eat everything in suitable amounts. Also, do not put us at risk of a rebound effect.

For two years to three different types of diets in obese adult men, buying the effects of a low-carb diet, a low fat diet and the Mediterranean diet. Thus it was observed that with the reduced diet lost 4.7 kilos hydrates, with the low-fat diet with 2.9 kilos and 4.4 kilos Mediterranean diet, but after four years, with the other diet had regained almost all the weight lost, while with the Mediterranean diet, only recovered an average of 1.4 kilos in those taking it thinned out.

Moreover, with the Mediterranean diet improvements were seen in lipid patterns who conducted this type of power, achieving further reduction of total cholesterol in the long term.

A diet rich in fiber, antioxidants and rich in good fats mainly monounsaturated fatty acids, appears to be the best strategy to lose weight in a healthy way, without rebound.

You know, if you’re looking to lose weight, do not sacrifice or put at risk to your body with diet miracle, but chooses the healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet in a healthy diet.

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