The dangers in the use of walnut in India for weight lose

 weight loseThe world of weight lose products is widening, either within the natural spectrum, and in industry. In the first group, the appearance of the nut of India meant a kind of boom within the plant lovers.

Its slimming properties would be truly remarkable, helping to burn fat and much more. But the voices began to rise against, counting the many problems that would have brought their consumption.

On one hand, the properties of the nut of India would laxative, decorative, diuretic and satisfying. All, some more, some less, amazing weight lose. But also, perhaps the starting point of its adverse effects . Just read the comment threads of any publication about it for cases where the use of this plant caused significant health problems.

At least, that such a personal, this writer has never seen so many negative comments regarding contraindications in a home remedy for weight loss as has happened with the nut of India. And this is, at least, suspect. It is not at all uncommon for many people out horrified to see things that are written in this plant: vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, blood pressure dips, among others. But, until there is no scientific research to prove it, not this product can be considered nothing short of a poison.

With so many plants and herbs that can be helpful to lose weight without going into much risk, do we need to test with walnut in India? Does this another myth within plants to lose weight? A poisonous and dangerous remedy should be banned in the market? Is one of the most remarkable natural tricks of recent times to lose weight? The answer lies in each and the experiences you have had time to use it.

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