Slimming massage techniques

massage techniquesThere are different techniques that help make this happen. This is the case of aesthetic or slimming massage , complemented very effectively with a reduced calorie diet and daily physical activity . So, I’ll show how to make slimming reducing massage.

With slimming or reducing massage can reduce body fat stores, mobilizing and improving circulation in the affected area.

Although you should not forget that these alone will not make you lose weight, but serve as a supplement to a low calorie diet such as the 1000 calorie diet , and exercise daily as walking, swimming, biking, etc. It all adds to the time to help you lose weight faster.

These slimming massage techniques allow you to reduce inches from your waist, legs, buttocks and arms. Note that you will not see changes in overnight, but if you do not record and wins the anxiety , you will see that the results are very good.

There are different slimming massage techniques that will teach you how to make slimming massage

Basic movement friction, kneading and pounding : The best way is to make the massage hands, massaging the affected area. These massages should be increased in force and pressure throughout the sessions, to help the body that slowly begins to mobilize fat. The massages are performed with the same orientation as clockwise. Generally this technique is accompanied by reducing creams and / or firming, with the aim of achieving a greater effect on fat deposits, although some professionals only use liquid glycerin to lubricate the area.
Pinching : This technique is contraindicated, because only manages to break the capillaries, without achieving the desired effect.
Special devices : Actually this appliance is used more for anti stress massage, but can complement manual massages.
The duration of the massage session should be approximately 30 minutes . Do not forget to drink two liters of water daily, this will help to eliminate toxins that are mobilizing for the massage, and so get a better debugging.

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