Sample a day easy diet to lose weight

lose weightFresh and natural foods will provide all the natural nutrients that your body requires even diet. With them you can make a model of easy diet to lose weight and economical.
• Breakfast: A cup of tea or coffee with skim milk. Two-fat crackers with cheese spread. A fresh fruit.
• Mid Morning: A fresh carrot.
• Lunch: Two glasses of water. Light salad of lentils. A baked apple with light cream.

• Snack: A cup of coffee with skim milk. A fresh fruit.
• Average afternoon: A piece of low-fat cheese.
• Dinner: Two glasses of water. A portion of lean meat, chicken or grilled fish or grilled tomato and broccoli salad. A fresh fruit.
This example of easy weight loss diet is economical. The key is to get fresh food assimilate and distribute them throughout the day. Another point to consider is the amount of food you eat, it is crucial that you consume small portions. It is excellent eating small amounts of food several times a day, that much food few times a day.
Remember, to lose weight more effectively, it is convenient to do physical activity daily. No need to spend money to do so, with only walking 30 to 40 minutes a day, you can burn fat and lose weight.

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