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Body FatEvery woman accumulates excess fat in different corners of our body. But sometimes we find types of fat that do not get deleted or with sport or with innovative diets. For these cases, we give you the 3 most effective methods to eliminate those extra inches that make you feel uncomfortable.

Cellulite creams have evolved to the absolute limits, but still have room for maneuver that is capped at a type of fat, the embedded. With it will be ineffective traditional methods to lose weight or stay in shape, and we must resort to other more specialized methods. Want to know what?

This treatment acts on localized fat deposits, acting on them and freeing them from fat, it is then released through the lymphatic system and urine. How it Works Sessions last 40 ‘and his method is it . Did you good?’s a noninvasive method that does not require quizzical intervention, hospitalization or anesthesia. It also improves circulation, eliminates toxins, increases the tone and elasticity of the tissues and helps regulate intestinal transit. Price? Usually recommended that a minimum of 10 sessions spaced three days each. The price of each is usually around 120 euros, although most of the centers often do bonds. Advice? Drinking plenty of water is recommended before and after each session, and also follow a low calorie diet.

Fat Frozen
Applying a controlled cold, fat cells reach the freezing and crystallized at a temperature higher than other cells. Thus, over a sustained period of time, you get the gradual reduction and cell death of the fat cells, a process called “induced apoptosis.” And best is approved by the FDA and CE Class II medical grade with 20 clinical studies and proven results behind and insurance. Where? In Madrid, you can find out in situ on the Cool Sculpting in the Dermatology Clinic Clinic International or Menorca. Price? € 800 per zone.

Radio frequency
This treatment not only gets dissolve fat and reduce inches, but the skin is terse. How it Works radio frequency devices inside the body heat to accelerate our progress regenerate. So, you get the body to believe that the heated zone has experienced trauma (or bump) and body, deceived, repairers sends items to try to cure this alleged “focus damaged.” Do you good? arrives where infrared fail. Are you evil? If you reaffirm without losing an ounce of fat, as Geothermal appliances painful and requires anesthesia cream.

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