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DietA way of life, there are several thousands of years. About 1 billion people in the world today – the vegetarians! But at the dawn of its existence, the system united adherents of certain philosophical or religious beliefs, the vegetarian in the modern world – a man who wants to stay healthy, striving for active longevity. Significant role in vegetarianism is also given ethical dimension.

Vegetarianism is practiced for thousands of years in countries which were distributed to Indian religions – Buddhism , Hinduism. The first vegetarian society was founded in England in 1847 (it was called – The British Vegetarian Society).

Word vegetation, vegetable is treated more as a healthy, fresh, cheerful. Phrase homo vegetus indicates a highly individual – spiritually and physically. Therefore, in the true sense of the word vegetarian- a way of life, balanced with a philosophical and moral point of view. Diet – a component of the system, albeit an important one.

They are different
Most vegetarians in India – almost 80% of the population! And in Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia are only 4-10%.

The number of supporters of vegetarianism is growing. Among them is show business stars, TV personalities, writers (Valeria, Nikolai Drozdov, Olga Budina, Victor Pelevin, Mikhail Zadornov, Brad Pitt). However, vegan vegetarian alike. This concept combines people who have distinct principles of supply:

Vega – strict adherents of plant foods . An animal product in their menu is completely absent. Members of this group believe that man by nature must eat only vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, berries and herbs. Cooking of food in general, they admit of;

Raw-food . Eat almost all of the plants in their original form. Their diet also includes seeds and whole wheat bread with bran. fruits and vegetables , combined with bread naturists considered the most pure and healthy food. Such food, according to its adherents, not exciting, not relaxing, not annoying. That’s right, raw-foodists believe, and should eat a real vegetarian;

Vegetarianism divided into two directions.

First – allowing eat dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, sour cream), the second – suggests plant-milk-egg menu.

Vegetarianism – in fact, supporters of a mixed meal. This type of power usually attributed to a vegetarian diet of direction that welcome medicine. Lacto-vegetarian diet – a good way to prevent and treat many ailments. For example, for people with migraine, atherosclerosis, obesity such type of food shows strongly.

Vegetarianism is one of the oldest areas of non-traditional food. Certainly, his supporters have a lot to learn. However, before you decide to become a vegetarian, you should evaluate all the pros and cons with common sense, listening to their physical and spiritual needs.

– In plant foods low in fat, so it is low in calories. In most plants contain complex correct carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. They are slowly digested, do not provoke a violent release of insulin in the blood. The body does not experience abrupt changes in blood glucose, which means that the energy from the food is released gradually, ensuring efficiency and lack of hunger pangs.

– A traditional dish of vegetarian cooking salt is small, so the ballast water in the body is not delayed. Weight of a man who moved to the vegetable diet, gradually getting back to normal, blood pressure is reduced.

– In the gastro-intestinal tract in large quantities gets fiber, activates peristalsis, cleanses the intestines.

– Vegetarian food is rich in vitamins and a number of micro-and macro tuning metabolism, strengthen the immune system.

– The plant food is not tyrosine – an amino acid that is a part of animal protein. Proved that the body on the basis of tyrosine to produce hormones that trigger hypertension. Another amino acid – methionine – plants also do not synthesize. While connected with her sensational discovery of the last decade. The fact that the body converts methionine in the amino acid homocysteine. Today, scientists have concluded that the development of atherosclerosis is largely to blame for homocysteine, cholesterol and not, as previously thought.

– Human blood, adhering to a vegetarian diet , enriched with antioxidants – vitamin C, lutein, beta-carotene. They “disarm” the free radicals which cause premature aging that increase the risk of cancer.

Note. Doctor of Biological Sciences, RAMS P.Garyaev commented on the results of studies showing that in the human diet should prevail genetically distant from his own products. Thus a man and mammals genetically similar to 90%, it means that the same type of chemistry. Animals secrete hormones in a slaughterhouse fear that entering the human body, are included in its metabolism, increasing aggression, blood pressure, reducing life. But the fact that the animal is given without prejudice to himself, – milk and eggs – it does not apply. The fish can also be there safely, plant food – especially.

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