Points to consider for preventing and treating obesity

obesityRead food labels to know its composition and select the most appropriate food. Avoid foods rich in fats and sugars, which are those that contain more calories. For example, many pastries and cakes. Also very fatty foods in general, as some sausages, ready meals and fried foods, sugary desserts, ice cream.
Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, even the somewhat bitter taste as the tonic or bitter, so you have to replace light products.
Eat foods low in calories. Vegetables and vegetables must always be present in our main meals (should take 2 courses per day). These foods are very nutritious because they contain vitamins and minerals, and very few calories. It is also recommended that you eat 2-3 servings of fruit a day.

Eat complex carbohydrates (starches) such as bread (no added fat), potatoes, rice, pasta and Follow a regular schedule of meals. Do not pick between meals.
It is advisable to divide the daily intake of four or five shots, and that prolonged fasting increases hunger.
In addition, large meals favor to form fat in our body.
Reduce the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is an extra calorie intake and thus helps us to gain weight or we can make it harder to lose.
In some cases it may be necessary to medicaments for the treatment of obesity. This requires the consultation of the doctor, as you will be to assess the relationship between risk and benefit. Avoid taking herbal products and preparations whose composition is not clearly indicated and not recommended by a doctor.

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