Physical activity in overweight children

 overweight children Eating a lot does not mean eating well, because if you add empty calories with no nutritional value, the result is fat accumulation, increased cholesterol and even high blood pressure has already been found in young children.

The other pillar of weight loss is physical activity in children, particularly in pubertal children. It is crucial that physical activity in children is very well mixed. It is highly advisable to focus on specific exercises like crunches or push ups analytically, because at that age is very annoying and it is more likely that physical activity in children are bored and do not want anymore.

Besides abdominal exercises do not thin, is a popular myth to be repeating over time, and despite all the evidence expressed, remains in force.

Besides, if the child is excited about the practice of a specific sport, in exercises will have the chance to do fitness exercises, combined with technical activities and per competitive games in a motivating environment to share with others.

Therefore, make sure your child eats well, with the right amount of calories and move in any way to activate all your metabolism.

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