Lemon Cure diet and lose weight fast

diet and lose weight fastLemon Cure is a way to get all the benefits of lemon detox, these features provide not only eliminate waste from the body, but also increase cell metabolism.
This increased metabolism is achieved with nutritional principles that compose it.
Among these components are:
A. Antioxidants such as vitamin C.
B. Fiber.
C. Flavoring.
D. Diuretics and potassium.

Each of these nutrients works differently, getting thin and lose weight quickly.
Lemon Cure must be for 20 days.
How to make lemon cure diet and lose weight fast?
• 1st. day, you should drink the juice of a lemon.
• From the second to the tenth day, add the juice of one lemon per day, up to drink the juice of 10 lemons.
• From day 11 to day 20, it begins to decrease consumption of lemons, one per day. So on day 11 should drink the juice of lemons September, the 10th, the juice of 8 lemons and so then down to drink the juice of 1 lemon on the 20th.
This cure is to add lemon to a diet to lose weight and lose weight fast. This is achieved by raising the metabolism and lose weight faster.

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