Increasing obesity in children

obesity in childrenThe obesity in children, beating even in places like the U.S.. Given the fact that Spanish children would be the most obese in the world, it is appropriate to ask where has been the healthy Mediterranean diet, which has traditionally differentiated, good food in this part of the planet.

Increasing obesity in Spanish children, has led in recent years a frenetic pace that seems to have no end.

If not addressed positive and urgent measures to reverse it, today’s children will become obese adults severely limited in their capabilities in a few years, with all the economic and social consequences that this complication will cause the state and society as a whole.

To prevent this, we must take action warning from childhood obesity, which triggers many ailments medium term. Obviously, the more responsibility is at home. Parents are the ones who can and should instill healthy habits from young children.

Moreover, the best way to counter obesity in children is to be informed.

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