How to remove the cheeks?

cheeksWomen speculate how to make a person lose weight. What is more, this problem may affect not only the owners of magnificent forms, but also quite athletic girls. Rounded cheeks may well coexist with a slim waist and shapely legs: a tendency to plump little face is usually inherited. How to have chiseled cheekbones and a clear chin line?

First of all, you need to eliminate swelling, which are added to your face “weight.” Contrary to popular belief that the swelling should drink less, people who are prone to swelling, you must use at least two liters of pure water a day.

You can also use green tea . Should we exclude products that lead to water retention – salted and dried fish, in general, all products and excess salt, coffee (especially soluble) and alcohol. Spirits, as well as coffee, cause dehydration, and lack of water in the body, in turn, has an effect on its accumulation in the form of edema. Reduce salt intake. It also delays the fluid in the body.

A further strategy depends on whether you want to reduce the person with the rest of the figure, or if you have a claim only to the chubby cheeks. Complete ladies should just postponed – usually in this case the fat away from the cheeks and chin with the other redundant pounds. Standard tips here – try not to eat the forbidden foods like chocolate and biscuits after 12-13 days, at lunch to eat more vegetables, whole grains and lean meat or fish, steamed, boiled or baked in the oven. Good evening is mild protein foods – cheese, chicken breast with a small portion of vegetables, yogurt. Dinner should be held no later than 19 hours.

Hard case for those who seem to be a normal weight, but her face is still round. Vegetables and fruits contain fiber, which normalizes metabolic processes and tones the skin. So make sure you include them in your diet. To face thinner, eat fruit and vegetable meals at least three times a day. But sugar and “bad” carbohydrates contained in bakery products, experts say, may be delayed in the form of fat is in the cheeks, chin and neck. Nuts can provoke “completion” of a person. So for chiseled cheekbones use of these products will have on the time limit.

Lose weight in the face will not only correction of the diet, and special procedures. First, a facial massage. Great if you have the opportunity to take a course in the cabin. If not – there is a self-massage technique. The simplest of them – a small wet towel with cold water or herbal extract. The best herbs to brew: chamomile, sage, linden blossom, yarrow (pour 1 tablespoon of herbs 1.5 cups of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, or cook in the evening). Stretching the towel’s ends, within 5-10 minutes patting his face in the chin area, the bottom of the cheeks, then around the contour of the face. This massage improves circulation in the tissues, reduces puffiness and improves skin elasticity.

To enhance the effect of “herbal” days can be alternated with “salt”. Towel massages soak in a strong salt solution (1 tablespoon sea or iodized salt to 1 liter of water). But in this case it is important to act in accordance with the type of skin, that in no case do not burn the skin. For dry skin, the solution should be gentle and at room temperature, for normal to oily solution can be more concentrated. After the procedure, apply to face and neck suitable for your skin cream.

This massage is particularly useful if, after weight loss in the face of double chin and flabby skin is prone to fading. However, it will be better to use massage as a preventive measure, and use it at the beginning of weight loss. Thus, it is possible not only to prevent sagging skin, but also intensify the process of losing weight person.

Often pamper their face masks. They not only have a beneficial effect on the skin, but also contribute to the early splitting of fat. Very good effects give lifting mask with blue or white clay. Clay , which is available at cosmetic stores, slightly diluted with water and add to the egg yolk mixture. Apply to face and neck. Keep the mask to dry. It is important, during the mask does not talk at all, and if possible to use facial expressions. When the mask dries, wash it off with warm water.

Facial exercises are an indispensable ally if you want to pull up its outline. The World Wide Web you can find many options for such exercises. Example of a small complex, which can be done at work, while you will not see, or run-time chores that do not require a change poses.

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