How to lower triglycerides and weight?

triglycerides and weightWhat are triglycerides, how to lower triglycerides and weight? The best way is to follow a diet for high triglycerides and overweight.

Triglycerides are a type of fatty acids which accumulate in the organism, and can cause diseases such as coronary atherosclerosis, or may result from other like diabetes. Because of this, it’s so important to control them, usually accompanied triglycerides in overweight.

If we lose weight, control triglycerides, you see the two go together.

How to lower triglycerides and overweight? Following the diet for high triglycerides and overweight.

Consume lots of vegetables , fruit and whole grains, three meals daily.
Do not consume alcohol.
Do not eat sugar, sweets and cakes.
Low consumption of red meat to 2 times a week.
Controls the use of chicken , skinless breast used to grill or griddle, consúmelo 2 times a week.
Low consumption of eggs, no more than 2 per week, and red meat replacement. The clear consume all you want, no restrictions.
Increase consumption of fish and shellfish to sea three times a week.
Eat low-fat dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt).
Do not eat butter, margarine or even Light.
Use olive oil, sunflower, grape, soybean, corn. Do not consume coconut oil or avocado, for its high content of saturated oils.
Do not smoke.
Do not drink alcohol.
Take plenty of fluids, more than two liters of water per day.
Limit coffee intake to two cups per day.
When you’re in the supermarket, choose any product that contains Omega 3 and 6.
Make exercise three times a week and walk every day, 30 minutes a day.
Cooking with little oil (olive, sunflower or corn). Do not eat fried. Remove visible fat from meat before cooking.
Use all kinds of seasonings except salt should be used in moderation.

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