How to diet

diet• When you diet that is low in calories.
• Be organized with his / her schedule.
• Do not skip meals.
• Take a “day off” and eat the food or food that you want, just take care of the amount.
• The rest of the week meets the selection of foods which began dieting to lose weight and exercise important for you to lose weight successfully.

• If you have a special occasion to celebrate, do not stay with the desire to try what you like, and in small portions. In these cases, it is essential to enjoy the event in question and the fact that dieting and eating his fault for not tarnish this event.
• Control the amount, just keep in mind the rations. Eat small portions, not abused, nor repeat the dish.
• Give yourself a treat! can choose your favorite dish, is something salty or sweet, do not be afraid, it is permissible.
• Eat slowly, enjoy the meal you have in front. Do not gobble. The food gives pleasure therefore enjoy.
• If you feel you ate one serving too big, does not matter, go for a walk, will help not only to burn some calories, but also to clear your mind, change your endorphin and improve your cardiovascular system.
You see, dieting should not be synonymous with “punishment” do diet, and still enjoy life. It is the best way to be healthy in mind and body.

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