How not to gain weight in the winter?

weight  loseSeasonal weight lose – a phenomenon as common as short daylight hours and overcast sky. But is it inevitable extra pounds? Nutritionists claim: I and the numbers on the balance board can be kept within limits.

Craving for edibles need to “thank” meager winter sun: his rare visits suppress the hormone serotonin joy, hence the low mood and desire to lie down on the couch to sleep. Previously, horror of horrors, cheer calorie sweets. Another help in weight gain – a number of winter holidays and feasts. Despite the fact that everyone is against waist , there are ways to avoid the gain, the more the motivation – where much more serious.

How’s that for a fact: no matter how we lose weight for the summer season, to get rid of “acquisition” will not succeed. According to research by American scientists, after each winter for us remain extra pound of weight, which are then unable to drive away ever! Now imagine what the innocent turn into 500 grams (or even more) in 10-15 long winters …

Let there be light!
At the time of a run on the icy streets in defiance of chilled icy wind – work for a strong spirit. But … think about the threat of “unsinkable regiment” and go for a walk, have a right to give up just because of ill health and a storm warning. During the walk you will not only burn calories, but also stock the energy, catching at least a small part of the light of the day. Catch every sunny day, walk at lunch time, weekends and holidays go to the skating rink and a ski trip.

If we get out of the office or at home is not possible, try to provide as much natural light.

“I see it all!”
Winter dress code is almost universal: a free sweater , which successfully masks the tummy and “rollers”.

Change the rules: do not give up on sweaters, but carry it with skin-tight jeans or trousers, which were immediately point out the excess. Special vigilance can complement their body-fitting jacket or cardigan – eloquent indicator pyshnotelymi junk.

They sat down, got up and ran
In winter, most people turn instinct domesticity – not news. This mechanism was fixed for centuries: our ancestors ate more or less moved to escape the cold and not spend valuable “fuel.” As there is no need to build a protective layer of fat, announcing her engagement. Tools and methods are known – exercise.

Because make yourself go to the gym – again for a strong spirit, buy the necessary fitness and exercise equipment at home. Reasonable minimum is that trainer stepper – economical in terms of money and is compact in size, is essential for workouts and kardionagruzok; fitball – for stretching exercises, dumbbells weighing 0.5 to 2 kg, or weighting, pilates ring – to work out the muscles of shoulder girdle and housing.

Here is a sample schedule of classes: 15-20 minutes walk to the stepper, the same – exercise on fitball, 5-7 minutes sessions with Pilates ring or lunges, squats with dumbbells. Alternate workouts every other day, after heavy drinking parties “punish” the body longer occupation. And do not frown anxiously, saying, “buy equipment breaches in the budget.” The total cost of the equipment is less than two months’ worth subscription to a fitness club. But it will remain with you, always with you and will fight back, “neuhodyaschim” pound.

Diet: every calorie there!
In the days of the frozen hands and reach for a cup of hot tea. To her – two or three pieces of refined sugar, chocolate or cookies – a cold! Complete picture of the dense hearty lunches and dinners – meat, potatoes, sauces … Vitamins in this menu is small, calories – the beyond.

Help correct the situation summer diet – dishes of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber. To replenish the vitamin deficiency, lean on citrus , apples, do not neglect the local vegetables – beets, carrots, cabbage. Nater horticultural gifts on a grater, add a drop of lemon juice, vegetable oil (flax or pumpkin) and honey – a real boon to the waist and immunity.

It happens that a lot of fiber makes an imbalance in the digestive tract, but this should not stop. The body quickly adapts to the additional fat in a couple of weeks, the discomfort disappears, the main thing – to enter additional “dose” gradually. Weekly gain should not exceed 5 grams: less fat contained in two pieces of whole-grain bread, a cup of cereal, two apples.

Gradually bring the figure up to 25 grams a day – the rate for adults. Drink plenty of water (about two liters) – this will help to cope with the fiber.

Refuse purchased desserts, sweets and pastries. Replace these culinary ‘antidepressants’ own cooking – apples with honey and cinnamon or pumpkin with lemon-honey sauce, baked in the oven.

Good sit!
Feast-only gatherings remain in your memory, but not at the waist, if you observe a few rules. First, do not deny yourself anything, because the worst bouts of overeating overtaken by those who practice the principle of “all or nothing”. Try everything your heart desires – but! Just try, only to the extent teaspoon and only once. Second, before sending the body dish, one form of which adds three pounds, count the seconds.

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