How fat is stored in our body?

Fat BodyFat is an efficient way to have the body to store energy. It does in cells called Hippocrates, which form adipose tissue accumulation. As we all know, too much of this fabric is going to cause health problems, especially with so-called metabolic diseases. When our body decides to store fat, has several forms and several places to do it, see where and how our body stores fat.

Subcutaneous fat: are the known “love”. It’s the fat that will accumulate under our skin and usually lose more easily when we exercise.

According to our genetics and hormones, fat can accumulate more in some areas than in others. In such men will tend to store more in the belly and torso, while in women this subcutaneous fat is more likely to focus on hips and thighs.

Visceral fat: This fat and is more internalized in our bodies. It is located around the organs, something that will be dangerous if it is in excess.Normally an excess of visceral fat is preceded by an excess of subcutaneous fat, hence the importance in our health to avoid developing a prominent belly.

Intramuscular fat: very little fat to be deposited between muscle fibers. Usually this is not discuss this location because the amount of fat is much lower in comparison with the other two. Is in obese individuals where it begins to appreciate more muscle fat depot, which on the other hand can help us insulin resistant, because of diabetes.

If our fat levels are considered within the normal range, there will be a balance in the distribution of fat. At the time increasing fat levels, will our genetic and hormonal condition that decide where to store that fat. Testosterone on men often make is stored in belly and torso and estrogen in women’s hips and thighs, hence the famous apple and pear shaped in men and women respectively.

The problem is that by overloading fat stores are hindering many metabolic processes, starting to increase the risk of diabetes, epidemically or hypertension. There is nothing like exercise and good nutrition to keep fat at bay our cast.

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