How does the protein diet for weight lose diet?

weight loss diet1. This diet protein diet is based on four stages or cycles, each cycle lasts for 17 days.
2. During the first cycle trying to detoxify the body, improve digestion and metabolism of nutrients.
3. A second cycle is based on the calorie confusion. During this stage, try to increase your metabolism and burn fat fast, to prevent stagnation.
4. At the start of the third stage, you start to add certain foods in appropriate amounts. In this cycle is slower thinning to achieve your weight coveted.

5. The fourth course is aiming to keep the weight obtained without getting fat again.
The protein diet for weight loss includes 17 minutes of physical exercise (walking) daily during the first two cycles. After these two exercise cycles increases, reaching between two hours and a half to five hours a week.
Once the protein diet for weight loss, the goal is to know how to control the portions you should eat to avoid gaining weight back. Moreover Dr. Moreno recommends no fruit after 14 hours to get burn fat faster, and do not store carbohydrates as fat.
While diet protein diet for 17 days makes you lose weight, and is taught to reduce the consumption of processed foods that not only can fatten, but can cause other health problems, such as epidemically, fatty liver or diabetes, among others.

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