How can we keep the weight within normal?

Weight loseWeight within normal limits must maintain energy balance, Its the calories we eat and we spend must be approximately the same. If you want to lose weight we have to spend more than what we eat and, conversely, if we take in more calories than we expend our weight increase, as these calories, not burning, will be stored as fat. There are large differences in the amount of calories in different foods.

The calorie content of a vegetable dish or salad can be changed outrageously if we add oil, 45 calories per teaspoon!.

Since fat is the immediate principle that contains more calories, eating meat is advisable to choose lean meats, eat them in small amounts (no more than 100 grams per day) and, if possible, substitute chicken or turkey without skin or fish.

Another very important aspect is to increase calorie expenditure through exercise. Any exercise is valid, considering that if you have more than 40 years and is not trained, it first has to check with your doctor. Until you know the level of activity that is able to perform, you can walk. At least one must be active three hours a week and, if possible, an hour every day.

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