Fattening? Beer?

BeerThe beer is usually one of the most questioned drinks when a person wants to lose weight. He always says to delete when you start a diet . But how much is true and how much myth about all this? Surely, many will be pleasantly surprised to see that this hippy elixir is the alcoholic beverage that has fewer calories.

The beer, having a fairly moderate alcohol content (about 4 or 5 degrees in its most common varieties), does not provide as many calories as a wine, a liqueur or whiskey. That is why it is the drink containing alcohol intake maybe fewer calories. This, of course, is always a plus.

Obviously, not all beers have the same amount of calories . And this is why you should look out for in their bottles prior to eating. Always bear in mind that each 250 ml of the drink, you’ll be adding about 100 calories, maybe more, maybe less. This will increase when you consume more alcohol beers, as is often the case with many Belgian beers, English or German.

Of course, in moderation is the key to everything . If you take two glasses of beer in a day where you have not exceeded much calories of food, this will not affect you at all. Quite the contrary, you will feel rewarded for giving you a taste. The theme comes in companies: if you’re out for tapas with friends, is moving from chips and other things that can reach further complicate the situation. No reason to refuse a beer from time to time, provided that notion will have limits.

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