Fast Diet vs balanced diet

diet• The quick diet, as well as its name suggests, provides you eliminate many kilos in a short time at the expense of caloric restriction (about 800 calories) and nutrients (protein diets, photogenic diets, among others). Although their results are fast, it is also rapid weight gain finished diet. Besides, it may occasionally produce side effects such as metabolic diseases.

• In contrast, healthy diets are complete and balanced and give you all the nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals). These diets provide between 1000-1500 calories is, but they are not restrictive calorie diets. With this type of diet can eliminate at two kilos per month, which may seem small, but steady in time is enough to not only lose weight, but it prevents the rebound effect.
It is estimated that decreasing 200 calories per day (100 calories per exercise and food 100 calories) can lose weight about 10 kilos in a year, which is by no means negligible. The complication is that it is convenient to have perseverance, patience and perseverance. 3 qualities that, in this age of anxiety are difficult to achieve.
There is a saying “Easy come, easy go.” You can lose weight very fast, but as well as weight loss, so you can recover. So when it comes to losing weight is essential to balance quick diet vs. healthy diet and think not only lose weight, but other than in how it affects health.

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