Exercise for reduce tummy

Belly execriseMake Slim Belly or flat you need to know how to lose belly with exercise, just search localized exercises that will help you look good and feel better. A workout to reduce tummy is undoubtedly the best choice.

If you are dieting, physical activity is extremely important in order to lose kilos quickly. A fitness routine should include aerobic work , such as walking every day for 40 minutes, and localized exercises like exercises to reduce belly rolls to eliminate those that bother you so much.

Knees Up:
Lean on a table or ladder.
Support your body with your hands, stretching arms and legs.
Stay on the balls of your feet.
Bring your right knee toward your stomach while turning your hips (the knee should go toward the opposite shoulder) Repeat 20 times with each leg.
Repeat 3 sets of 5.
Gradually increasing the number of sets up to 10.
This can be an exercise to share with your kids for example, you’ll have fun and will reduce your belly.

Dodging the ball:
Sit on the edge of a chair with your knees. Stand in front of a ball and raise your knees peeling feet off the ground.
Use your abs to lift your legs over the ball and take the other side. Return to the start position. Repeat 3 sets of 5.
Gradually increasing the number of sets up to 10.
A year more to complete, which enables you to work a little more intense.

Face Up:
Lie down with a dumbbell in each hand.
Raise your left arm above your head and knee at the same time.
Stay 5 seconds and then lower your arm and leg.
Repeat with your right elbow.
Like the previous series of repeated 3 5.
Gradually increasing the number of sets up to 10.
These exercises to reduce tummy, can be supplemented with other exercises to reduce tummy and thus have a full routine of exercises located.

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