Effective diet for your beauty

DietWeekend you have exhausted nerves, bruises under his eyes, and overall health leaves much to be desired, it’s time to sit on a two-day diet of beauty. This effective diet beauty “work” on your appearance. By Monday, you’ll look like “one hundred percent.”
Cocktail of dairy yogurt, fresh fruit and a spoon of honey. Oatmeal with dried apricots.
If you can not make a cocktail, mix fruit soup: grate half an apple and half pear, add a couple of cloves of chopped tangerine or orange, pour yogurt.

Steamed vegetables with rice (well, if you buy brown), orange.
Any green salad (Chinese cabbage, cucumber, radish), seasoned with oil and vinegar, rice with slices of tomato.


Fruit salad with oatmeal, honey and yogurt. Boiled
rice with banana and fig (a couple of finely chopped figs, berries and add to the banana slices in a mess.)
Stewed, baked apple (introduce him several pieces of dried apricots and raisins).
Vegetable soup, any green salad with vinegar and oil. A slice of rye bread.

Of all the spices, use only black pepper. It speeds up the metabolism, no appetite, and (in reasonable quantities) does not cause thirst.

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