Effective diet for you

Diet foodA little gain weight to please her lover, who loves lush zhenschin. Kak also gain weight? For those who are dissatisfied with themselves, women offer special effective diet to help correct shape without a scalpel.

To gain weight, only a few pounds will have to add calories in the daily menu. The volume of food consumed should not be too much longer.

Glass of fruit juice, a large portion of oatmeal, soaked in milk in the evening and before eating seasoned with honey, grated apple and grated nuts. Sandwich with butter and 2 cups of cocoa.

Lunch (optional):
> Cup chicken broth with boiled egg yolk
> Glass of fruit juice with honey and egg yolk
> Sandwich with butter and sausage
> Sandwich c butter, 50 g of chocolate and a cup of yogurt.

cup of thick soup or thick broth + pasta, or potatoes, or dumplings, or rice with butter, salad oil or mayonnaise. A large portion of meat. For dessert – pudding or ice cream + coffee with cream.
portion of rice with milk and fresh fruit, two slices of bread, a glass of milk.

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