Eating healthy food to look younger

healthy  youngGood nutritional plan, plenty of water, fresh air, exercise, sleep and stress free as possible.

But in this hectic world where it is difficult to meet all worth trying at least the first one. In other words, eat healthy to look younger.

Well believe it or not, poor eating habits, such as eating lots of fats and sugars or many stimulating beverages (like coffee), are harmful to our skin and thus for most of our presentation.

While poor diet, one that only leads us to constant weight changes, will only result in one of the major causes of the dreaded wrinkles (after excessive sun exposure).

Recall that to gain weight, our skin is stretched, straining the elastic fibers of the interior layers. And when we lose, our skin does not always return to its original shape, especially if the decline has been dramatically.

Fear both body fat
The fat pads (fat) are extremely important to the appearance of the skin. These lie directly beneath the skin and muscle and bone removed. Its function is to cushion and support our skin, sebaceous glands supply and act as a vehicle for oil soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D and E.

Thus, losing most of the fat tissue through extreme dieting or illness, can alter the appearance terribly and quality of our skin.

Some Tips:
To improve our skin, it is important to consume enough protein, vitamins and minerals that can be found at: lean meats (fish, poultry), eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits. Being among the most recommended: avocado, cucumber and cabbage.
Vitamin A is the more necessary in our skin, but his heavy drinking can cause more harm than good. Beware! It is sufficient to eat a balanced, including fish and unprocessed foods in our daily diet.
A supplement of vitamin C and E can not hurt, the rest (A, D, E and K) are easily absorbed by the skin and can be used in creams.
By switching to a natural diet, also change our appearance, by improving our production of collagen, the same as for example, fill our eye area (avoid dark circles) and our cheeks (making them healthier).

Moreover, our skin will become much smoother, firm and supple to the touch. The decrease open pores and cracked skin complexion smoother take. The eyes will become more clear and bright, well … All skin radiate good health.

In short, a natural and healthy diet, will give our body all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to repair and regenerate cells.

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