Diet tricks that do not work for weight loss

Weight loseLose weight and you do not even scale shows good results, maybe you’re using any of these diet tricks that do not work for weight loss, although they have become fashionable and have great promotion as part of strategies or proposals not miraculous ultimate aim to lose weight.

Some diet tricks that do not work for weight loss:
Eliminate gluten: a measure increasingly widespread that many take in order to improve the quality of their food and benefit the body, however, has nothing to do with cutting calories and promote weight loss, avoid gluten in diet speaks volumes about the quality of it, without producing major changes that promote weight loss.

Always eat before and after training: if it is a valid measure, it is not always flattering the weight loss, because if we burn fat it is best not to eat immediately after training and even less if the training is not an elite athlete .
Microporciones eat all the time: the art of microporciones several times a day does not always mean lower calorie intake and therefore does not always work for weight loss can even push us to eat more than before, but the intakes are small size.
Eat lots of fiber: a good measure to improve food, but does not imply a negative energy balance. We can even be eating more whole grains and vegetables than before, but still having more fiber, we can not lose weight. Eating more fiber is important, but you also have to achieve a negative energy balance if we want to lose weight.
Eliminate sugar: if you consume large amounts of sugar daily and remove it undoubtedly will achieve a reduction of calories and therefore, we can lose weight, however, is not the only factor that sometimes needs to be corrected, because if you remove the sugar and eat large amounts of carbohydrates and fats, as well as eat foods with hidden sugar, this trick will not work for weight loss.

To lose weight effectively and healthy, we give an overview of our lifestyle, considering various aspects of diet, our level of activity and daily rest we have, since only one of these tricks may not be enough to get results to stand on the scale.

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