Diet to weight loss 10 kilos

 weight lossThe best slim diet to lose 10 kilos is the Mediterranean. So much so that UNESCO has proclaimed World Heritage Site. It contains natural foods low in saturated fat, rich in omega 3 and omega 6, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and low-fat dairy. All these foods not only make it easier to lose weight, but that lower health risk factors, such as diabetes, hypertension, epidemically, etc.

The suspension of a diet is common, to get over it is necessary perseverance and will. From food, if it stagnates, may be inclined to make a high protein diet for 7 days. After she starts again with the diet to lose weight 10 kilos Mediterranean. This will facilitate increased metabolic rate.

Furthermore remember that exercise is key to lose 10 kilos, this increases caloric expenditure and strengthens your body, to prevent sagging and decreased elasticity.

Also remember that it is always advisable controlled with a doctor or nutritionist if you want to remove weight.

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