Diet And Exercises Paty Manterola

Paty ManterolaDIET
It pays to be 3 months a year on a diet and trying to eat well, and after six months rest and eat what you want, you have to be disciplined every day” Paty said in an interview.

Monday to Friday eats healthily, lots of vegetables, fruit and lean meats, weekends are left free to enjoy a glass of wine or dinner you want.

BREAKFAST: Fresh orange juice freshly squeezed + + decaffeinated coffee sweetened egg whites omelet with mushrooms.

MID-MORNING: 1 low-fat yogurt + 1 fruit

LUNCH: salad of mixed vegetables, fruit juice

Afternoon: 1 low-fat yogurt

DINNER: Grilled steak + mixed salad

Monday to Friday only drink water, juice and drink some light.


Work with a personal trainer named Paco Gutierrez, because he says he is a person who needs someone to guide them and encourage.

Perform cardie and resistance exercises three times a week, besides performing yoga and has incorporated a machine that is a vibrating platform that tones the muscles from the inside out, the Power Plate, which recommends.

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