Crackers for Dukan diet

DietDukan diet does not give many chances to have cookies and breads of all kinds, as the flour is, little more, little less forbidden object. But, as always, with a little ingenuity can change things.

Feel like making these crackers with cheese, which are suitable from the cruise phase ? Simple and delicious, you just have to try this great recipe.
An egg

50 grams of white cheese spreads 0%
Two tablespoons of cornstarch or cornstarch
One tablespoon of baking powder or baking soda
Spray plant
Salt, pepper, garlic powder and herbs
Place in the bowl of the mixer the cream cheese, cornstarch (cornflour), baking powder, a little salt, pepper, garlic powder and herbs that you like. Processes the preparation until blended well ingredients, having a creamy consistency and homogeneous well.

Now, on a silicon wafer (or muffin cups and muffins) place a spoonful of the mixture to complete the preparation. Goes to the oven until browned Dukan these cookies. So, you have an interesting snack to eat at any time during the cruise phase of this diet is so popular.

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