Consequences of eating fast

DietEat fast they conducted several digestive processes are not performed correctly. When you chew performing the first part of digestion, if you chew bad and fast, some of this food passes directly from the stomach, which force the oregano to work more slowly.

When this happens, food passes into the stomach longer, this becomes irritated and produces burning, stomach pain and heaviness. You feel you ate a lot, when perhaps eaten sparingly.

Once the undigested food passes into the intestine, this is not metabolized properly, causing constipation, bloating, gas and weight gain. This is further enhanced if you eat foods rich in fat and sugar and low in fiber.
On the other hand, when you eat fast food you eat more than you should, which further enhances everything mentioned above.
If you eat quickly becomes a habit, chances are that overweight appears, especially if you add to this the sedentary.

Remember that changing some eating habits can lose weight in a healthy and quick. Take your time to eat, not less than 30 minutes. During this half hour, you can not perform another activity that is working, watching TV, walking, etc.. Sit down, chew well, enjoy food.

Ah! and do not forget to choose healthy, low in calories, fat and sugar, after all through the food you can get all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and not overweight.

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