Choose your fitness as your mood

SlimThe sport is related to the ego, your self-esteem and has proven to be the most effective tool to be emotionally balanced, for the benefits you get by having endorphin in your body, which is the hormone of happiness” he explains.

It is beyond doubt, “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. And although we’ve had a rough day or go through the worst emotional, exercise makes the body stop thinking of our sorrows.

“Whatever the intensity of the sport or fitness that do are staying relaxed. If you are strong, you love the adrenaline and run all day, you’d be something that calms you or, you release all that pent-up tension, “said Philip Martin, a professor of physical education and director.

However, the benefits for both specialists encourage exercise at least 3 times a week for 1 hour and effective.

And if we pass age 40, a medical checkup is even more compelling when it led a sedentary lifestyle without exercise or eating hard to camouflage the conflicting emotions and work overload.

So to fix the body language, relax the body and throw emotional and physical toxins fitness experts and physical training, give us their proposal for the different states we passed women.

Heartaches: outdoor sports, outdoors having a good dose of adrenaline that gets you out of any problem. “For example, if you throw in Benji, you’re not thinking about your ex partner to put the hat but shall perform the challenge.” Also include hiking, mountain biking, climbing and group dance fitness, zumba and kickboxing or boxing to get even, free and fun.

Anger and irritability: Playing sports high intensity and short duration. No need to run the 100 meters, but that line is boxing, Aero Box, crossfit, fitness machines. “The goal is to download and raise heartbeats, because that will leave you when you finish super passive activity and this occurs due to hormonal changes that occur in the body.”

Stress: Any fitness that is practiced in a place that pleases be appropriate. Although cardiovascular exercises recommended as yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and swimming. “Focusing on your breathing and learn to manage your body consciously you can relax in the most stressful situations you have to live and strengthen your muscles in a friendly way.”

Intense and hurry: If you have time and you are not motivated, the home personal trainer can be the alternative to not neglect the housework, work and family. Do not move your house but you train and motivate the preferred fitness. But the running, cycling, dancing fun and fitness options are valid together with the elliptical vibration platforms.

Active by nature: Any sport that has a moderate to high and hopefully competition is involved. The running is the most recommended because you can practice alone, at any time and day. Moreover, it is so fashionable that almost all weekends are organized massive cumshots. Also include cycling, spinning, Tae Bo, and aerobics ATA FIT.

Impatient and vain: So, for those who want to see results immediately. “This depends on several factors, where the most important thing is to maintain a strict diet and physical training at least 3-4 times a week for two hours each time.” Experts say that this training will not rebound effects or yes because lifestyle habits are changed. It is also the best fat burner in a couple of weeks ago you lose weight. They also mention the Body Combat and Body Pump.

Stagnant and friends of sport: Recommend go little by little, taking the stairs, walking more than riding public transportation or private and choose low impact fitness. Here swimming and recreational cycling routes, the lead.

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