Childhood overweight and diet rich in sugars

overweightThe diet should be based on carbohydrates, it is essential that physical exercise so you can control your weight. Physical activity can do is any choice, biking, walking, running, playing football, etc..

he key is to practice physical exercise every day for half an hour to mobilize fatty deposits.

Other diet tips that can be practiced to prevent childhood overweight are:

a) Organize your eating, it is advisable that a child eats all the time. An infant must make 6 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and two snacks).

b) Reduce rations, if you can serve your food in the kitchen, do not carry the power to the table to prevent repeat again.

It is crucial that you take your child to doctors, to control your cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and hormone levels and thus prevent, difficulties as an adult.

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