Chicken Meatballs light to diet

meatballMeatballs are delicious and generally likes everyone. But, of course, diet alone is not a situation ripe for eating in its traditional format, let alone diet .

But you can always adapt recipes so everyone can enjoy a meal without having to walk past penalties later. Here then are these delicious chicken meatballs light, suitable from the attack phase on wards.

250 grams of breast chicken chopped (with skin and fat)
Two or three slices of lean ham
An egg
A little vegetable bouillon nonfat
Salt, pepper, garlic powder and herbs
Meatball Preparation:
Chop the ham and mix well with the chicken. Add also spot the bit of good crumbled stock cube, which will give a lot of flavor. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and some herbs like sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme, the ones you like, also worth a little spice. Add the egg, mix well until everything is integrated and begins to form typical balls will then meatballs.

Now you choose if you touch the oven, the pan (with vegetable spray) or grilled. Once browned, this recipe now ready to be enjoyed. Perfect, as stated, since the attack phase on wards. You can try to change the fish meat chicken or beef.

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