Burning fat?

Fat burnThe panacea cardio to burn fat. 30-50 minutes of medium intensity exercise and you made sure to be burning fat. But little by little we have seen the studies and practice take for winning the HIIT to burn fat. With high-intensity interval training can burn calories and in a relatively short time. What’s better then, or HIIT cardio to burn fat?

I do not like to give for the winner either. Depends more on our features and our fitness level. I myself have found in my own flesh (or rather would say here in my own fat), how to give a good push HIIT to burn fat and improve endurance, but also requires some physical or otherwise ” end up on the floor. ”

In doing HIIT not only burns calories while you work, but your metabolism speeds up for a few hours due to the intensity, allowing the continued burning fat even having finished. With cardio, however, metabolism returns to baseline faster during exercise and although the amount of fat burned may be greater than doing HIIT in the long run not as profitable exits. Besides this, do HIIT increases the amount of mitochondria, thereby fat burning capacity becomes larger along the day.

If you’re new to the world of fitness, I would advise to start with cardio (2-4 times a week), doing an exercise that motivates you and you like to hook up and make a good endurance base. If you have a physically acceptable, I recommend you try the HIIT (2-3 times a week) for a month, certainly notice the difference and improvement in strength.

And we have to decide not only by one, you can toggle each week or do a type of training. What is clear is that neither will work to burn fat if food and do not care if we are not constant over time using this type of training.

For me the key is the condition and physical characteristics of the person who will do the training, and the type of exercise you choose. With HIIT intensity is 90%, imagine running or cycling at this intensity, more if you are overweight. If our muscles, bones and joints are not highly trained injury risks are high and the line is very close to exhaust ourselves.

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