Bet you lose weight?

lose weightIf you allow yourself too much in the fall and winter, spring back into shape will be much more difficult. So we get yourself together and continue to eat properly, and that the holidays look great, and after the holidays to stay slim and beautiful.

1. The main thing – motivation
Everyone knows how difficult it is to pull yourself together and do sports, go on a diet, stop snacking on chocolate and start gladly chew celery. If all the methods of motivation have been tried, there is one, but very powerful: the excitement.

Remember as a child to say “but you weak?” And becomes very upset that something you “weak.” And, you know, it’s worked – turned what had not dared.

Following the principle of “as you poorly,” online Samaya.Ru invented a great service “I bet I lose weight? ‘ . Everything is quite simple – you can enter their current parameters (weight and volume), set a goal that you want to achieve and time. And, of course, bet (we connect the excitement) and choose a judge. Without the judge (and they may be your friend, if register online), you do not work – you ought to have someone evaluate your achievements.

The service offers you regular reports to fill the page with your goal – to itself and enjoy his accomplishments, and others could see how successful is your struggle for harmony.

If in the end you will succeed – you will get to your account all the points that have set. What is not a reason to be proud? If you did not work this time – it does not matter, because the important thing is not to give up!

2. Devil – in detail
Motivation motivation, but you need to develop and strategy. This site will also help you Samaya.Ru. It is not the first month of a blogger known nutritionist Alex Kovalkov . Customer success his clinic say about his credibility best. Alex invites you to learn a lot of new interesting details about these friends and familiar products, such as cheese, bread, potatoes, and even pickles. By no means all of them have to give up the diet. For example, the “pickled vegetables stimulate the appetite and increase digestion, high in pectin and fiber, which reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, enrich the body with minerals and vitamins, and can also serve as a laxative,” – says Alex. However, as usual, there is more ‘but’, about which you can, if you look at his blog.

3. The methods are different
Nothing typical female is not alien even Hollywood stars. For example, actress Kate Winslet constantly complains that is prone to weight gain. It’s worth it to go on holiday or to visit friends on the weekend, as the waist is no longer converge skirt! Sounds familiar, does not it? But Kate is not afraid: she sits on a diet, and 3-4 kg with easy maintenance. If you want to learn how, check out the diet section. Here you will find not only the secrets of harmony screen stars, but also detailed menus for a variety of Lose weight diets.

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