Beauty without sacrifice diet without harm

dietOur body affects their internal structure – all of it is organized subtly, slyly, taking into account the various nuances. Probably should not even compare the most advanced and sophisticated technology with our any organ or system all the same nature will be smarter and more sophisticated.

Today, however, we use the analogy between technology and the human body, because it will be better and easier to understand the most common mistakes that happened to us in the course of making about themselves strict verdicts – “take a brutal diet” and “stop eating”.

Almost everyone has a car. Well, if not all, then, perhaps, kitchen appliances presented in one capacity or another, the vast number of our readers. Here, for example, began to act up you have a food processor. And then you try to find a way to approach it, then that way, but he still working programs confusing, if not stall tries. And here you are taking what you really think the only way out from this situation. For example, the control panel pour sunflower oil or cut off the power cord, assuring others that without the harvester will work much better and more effective.

You are wondering, as I drew human behavior is inappropriate. But I also expect that in the same loss are those doctors who have to hear statements about the benefits of the Kremlin diet or self-appointed starvation mode, cause you called on my health and appearance. To remember and convince myself that the human body – a complex and subtle mechanisms, individually tailored exclusively made and inlaid with precious advantages and disadvantages.

In the course of its growth, development and the biological life of the body to a greater extent “gets” of the individual, acquiring metabolic, pathologic, enzymatic and other abnormalities in the functioning of organs and systems. And if, for example, a woman has some objective signs of diabetes, but not knowing of its existence, takes a firm decision to appoint itself carbohydrate diet, you can imagine what will happen to this lady? Or, for example, the imaginary woman there is a lack of red blood cells (RBCs). For whatever reason – because of violations of the hematopoietic system, vitamin deficiency or blood loss banal systematic monthly bleeding. And here, again, a woman takes a firm decision and sits on a rigid diet, where the main components will be cabbage, cheese and boiled chicken. All the components are not in the structure of substances likely to compensate for a deficiency of hemoglobin. Then, instead of health-improving effect, diet will only bring harm to our health, so, and beauty.

The diet itself suggests a mode, a combination of multiple factors, including the frequency of food intake, it is specific composition and method of cooking, or a combination of calorie ingredients. Without further ado, answer me one question – whether such a complex scheme priladit without their comprehensive analysis to a much more complex system – our body?

Before setting up for themselves a certain diet, go on a diet, of course, you need to consult a doctor. But even if for some reason it was not possible or desirable to take a look at itself objectively weigh the probability of potential risks in the pursuit of harmony and beauty.

First, it is important to know – what do you have a chronic illness. The presence of chronic diseases – in itself a limiting factor in your decision-making with regard to extremists of the figure. All diseases have implications not only for a single body, which, strictly speaking, “junk”, and can not cope with the load, and for the whole body. And the reason for this is the complicated structure of the human body, which is not isolated units of all links in the chain are interconnected and have intricate interdependence. Never, for example, do not assume that people with these or other chronic diseases have similar changes in the character? This is a fact. For example, in patients with hypertension and diabetes often changes over the years, although at first glance our philistine no direct relationship between behavior and the chemical composition of the blood. But these changes do occur in people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, or endocrine system.

Now, let’s look in detail with a group of chronic diseases. Absolutely contraindicated homegrown “just to what” diet and arbitrariness of his body for violations of protein metabolism, which often occur in patients with tuberculosis, many infectious diseases, the presence of severe injuries and avitaminosis, called gout, impaired glucose metabolism (all types of diabetes); lipid metabolism (obesity, and on the contrary, depletion due to chronic malnutrition), vitamin metabolism (in violation of vitamins in different parts of the intestine, severe restrictions in the diet).

In addition, there are restrictions in age, season and professionally. Let me explain from the beginning. For example, if we talk about the age of 14 years, then it will be clear that this age is characterized by intense growth and development of all systems and organs, so the child is not allowed to limit the consumption of protein, vitamins and some minerals. For example, everyone knows that, in this age of great importance is the qualitative characteristics of the heart. This “motor” takes on a heavy load and needs to recharge it needs magnesium (nuts, soy, wheat bran), potassium (potatoes, bananas, dried apricots, raisins), selenium (eggs, organ meats, rye bread) and zinc (meat, offal , whole grain bread). If artificial, arbitrary decision, to suspend the delivery of necessary materials in the growing organism, it is possible to break the fragile balance of the health of adolescent body.

No less serious limitation in the decision to change the regime and diet is the issue of weight loss at the age greater than 40-50 years. It is no secret that this flowering and vigorous period of life can be for some people age, chronic diseases, and metabolic disorder. For example, menopause – the time of stressful enough, although the natural adjustment of the female body from one mode to another. The essence of menopause is that the woman’s body stops producing as many female hormones as needed during the breeding season, so you should back yourself products containing saturated fatty acids. And this is, again, very high-calorie foods, do not we love the formulation and diet.

As to seasonal restrictions, most educated women know that any off-season – is already testing for the female body, so you must be careful of programs to reduce your weight and spring, respectively, in the fall. Moreover, there is the concept of “seasonal reduction vitamins” in the products, including fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the 100 grams of sugar beet in August – is not the 100 grams in February. The larger store vegetable or fruit – the lower the content of useful elements and vitamins in them. Always heed and similar fluctuations of nutrients in the diet, certainly you want to buy a beautiful figure without losing health.

As for the nuances associated with the profession of the person accepting the commitment to lose weight at any given time, you need to understand that in order to maintain their health and longevity in a labor of love, it is important to consider the conditions and characteristics of the work itself. For example, we have a mass of professions where you have a long time to maintain the vertical position of the body, to move a lot or stand in one place. This sellers, barbers, security staff, administrators, and all those who are constantly experiencing stress on their feet. Not least is the stress factor of hearing or vision, the presence of harmful or toxic organism factors, for example, in the workplace. This is a special category of people for whom the need to create individual power supply circuit, consider the nature and characteristics of labor.

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