The famous diet infusions hunger will not kill you

DietGreen coffee, the compound is fashionable to eliminate the extra kilos Chileans classified according to their feeding habits. Which do you identify with? Four reasons not to eat in just 10 minutes The famous diet infusions hunger will not kill you Would you eat only soup for weight loss? The fad diet given by dietician 1/10 >

The Diet of Mergers caters to those who have the habit of drinking healthy liquids. His secret is to occupy the active ingredients of fruits, vegetables and herbs to make tea hot or cold, with the main objective of helping you lose weight and fat deposits.

The nutritionist Vivian Munoz ( that are preparations that inhibit appetite before meals and others that burn fat after meals.

“These waters firings citrus and vegetables rich in alkaloids and caffeine-rich tea and xanthine, which produce a diuretic effect on the body,” he says.

Are “alternative remedies” that have no side effects and are taken diluted in almost 3 liters of fluids during the day. Although successful outcomes for necessary follow a diet that contains between 1100-1300 calories per day.

Dr. proposes a system which is interesting, because large meals include but are made such that they are low-calorie meals.

The best known liquids using the diet are killed and green tea. This is because both are stars to activate metabolism and central nervous system, among other qualities. Therefore, the specialist recommends taking barely one rises and is prepared as usual as it is consumed.

“Mate is fat burner and appetite suppressant and act when we are having breakfast,” says Dr. Munoz.

To make fruit agüitas, advises nutritionist fruit peels boil for 10 minutes. After they cool, sweetened with sucralose or stevia. The healthiest, because granulated sugar is within the prohibited list, where there are the sausages, cheeses, fatty meats, fried foods, sweets and alcohol.

Soups or broths proposed use are unusual vegetables that are rich in alkaloids or appetite-slowing. To cook, boil for 15-20 min. and very little salt. In the case of artichokes, their utility is given by the substance that has called cinarina moving fats into the bloodstream to be released that year.

“It’s a hot or cold soup which only takes the liquid from vegetables. The effect is seen within 20 minutes and regulate your appetite for the next 2 hours, “says Vivian Munoz.

One tip that is appreciated, is that to avoid flatulence-producing cabbage, boil with half onion advised, because “this is going to absorb sulfur gas generated and this is used to cook the beans and alleviate the problem or completely elimarlo “.

Vivian Munoz says to make it to literally be lost from 5 kilos in a period ranging from 4-8 weeks. As liquid is quite likely that you can skip some of these preparations on time. For these rare cases, the doctor says, “no problem, continue to the next”.

The Diet of infusions is contraindicated for pregnant women and people under 18, precisely.

BREAKFAST: – 1 cup of green tea either matte or loaded. – 1 diet yogurt with 2 teaspoons of flaxseed or chia seeds, poppy or sesame. – 1 large orange. – ½ ¾ Italian bread or a maraqueta or 1 medium bread and pita bread, with cheese and jam diet.

After breakfast: – 1 cup water sweetened pineapple shell, which is made with the shell of half a pineapple shell or 15 cm in 2 liters of water and boil 10 min. To burn fat.

Mid Morning: – 1 smoothie made with a bucket of aloe vera (4 x 2 and 1 cm.) High and 1 cup of strawberries or kiwi. This takes effect and gas-saceador.

BEFORE LUNCH: – 1 bowl of soup that is made with some of these vegetables: onions, carrots, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, artichoke hearts and spinach cooked, plus 2 chunks of cooked artichoke.

LUNCH: – Baked fish or mackerel canned in water or chicken or lean beef. – 1 cup of rice with celery, which has 40 calories. It is made with 1 cup rice 6 cups diced celery. Prepare as usual, with 2 cups water. – Vegetables sauteed with soy sauce or oil (onions, broccoli, cauliflower, dragon tooth, carrot, celery and mushrooms)

After lunch: – 1 cup of water artichokes. Prepared from 1 to 3 and including artichoke stems.

ONCE: – 1 cup water citrus zest (orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and pineapple) Boil well as pineapple and remove the shell, served to mobilize and burn fat easily. – 2 slices of bread with scrambled eggs and tomatoes without oil.

Before dinner: – 1 teacup water ponytail or carrots, which has musilago saceador effect. Boil 15 min and take liquefy water or water with Carrot and drinking.

DINNER: – 3 croquettes ground black slug egg, onion and parsley, baked. – ½ avocado, tomato, two lettuce leaves and two artichokes. – 1 small baked potato. Dessert (Frozen yogurt diet, freezes and bat depues blender with 2 tablespoons powdered milk light. Was left overnight in frezeer. Was removed to beat again and ready to eat.’re 70 calories).

After dinner: – 1 cup water fucus, Boldo, poppy or St. John’s wort. Are cedantes and helps eliminate fluids, greases and sleep well.

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