Yoga helps to get rid of excess weight

Weight loseYoga combines exercises, meditation and proper breathing.
Regular yoga classes have a beneficial effect on the hormonal and autonomic systems, improve thyroid and normalize metabolism. Yoga helps to get rid of excess weight and find peace of mind.
The main aim of yoga
Success in yoga can make anyone who is able to overcome laziness. Age, height, weight, health status do not matter: a reasonable load and persistent practice solves all problems.

Through meditation and asanas – special positions that affect different areas of the body – at the same time teaches yoga to control your body, mind and feelings. During class is very important to listen carefully to their feelings. Problem-maximum – train the body so that any, even the most difficult asanas to feel comfortable and to be able to meditate.

Classical yoga practice consists of eight successive stages: from doing the asanas and breathing technique to a state of ecstasy, when one comes to a complete harmony with the environment.
Now there are many different schools of yoga. For example, power yoga, which places emphasis on physical exercises, practiced in sporting clubs and sections. Other schools focus on the spiritual aspect of teaching (Astral Yoga kauzal yoga).
Schools and styles of yoga

Iyengar Yoga – one of the most popular trends of the ancient teachings. Complexes composed of asanas for the impact on various areas of the body. The transition from simple to complex poses gradually. The school actively used auxiliary materials (from the soft cushions and wooden bars to belts and ropes). This equipment helps beginners correctly placed the body in space, and experienced yogis – to improve the impact position.

In Ashtanga yoga series of sequential postures associated with a special breathing techniques. This intense and energetic style helps to strengthen muscles, develop strength, endurance and increases flexibility. The task of kundalini yoga – to awaken the energy (kundalini) in the bottom back, send it up the body, to open all the energy centers in the body.

Clothing for yoga should strap a body – to see the slightest movement of the muscles and correctly perform asana – but not constrain movement. Engage barefoot or in soft comfortable shoes
Yoga asanas together stretch some muscles and strengthen others. In addition, due to these exercises develop joint mobility, muscle endurance trains. Any of the item affects not only the muscular system, but also the internal organs.

Yoga – no contraindications
Feature asanas of yoga is that they almost no movement: muscles do not have enough oxygen, so it is important to breathe correctly. To trust your body – the body itself will tell you when to stop.

Yoga can work even people with health problems: they need to find suitable asanas. Inversions (upside down, upside down) and high blood pressure are contraindicated for women during menstruation. Despite the calm rhythm, in the classroom there is a risk of injury – a sprain or dislocation. Enter the position and leave it to slowly, measuring his strength. It is best to begin to learn yoga to coach him to show how to perform the movement. Yoga muscles and requires fresh thinking, so before class do not need to warm up.

Yoga charging
1. Breath useful for lung, digestive system, nervous system, and to improve blood oxygen saturation. Detainee exhalation from the lungs carries pollutants. Recommended for the treatment of disorders of the stomach, liver, and blood diseases.

Stand erect. Breathe in deeply. Hold your breath as much as possible (at first just a few seconds, and then the time can be increased). With the power of the air exhale through the mouth. After a big exhale try to do 2-3 more children.

2. Sit cross front legs. Spine straight, neck in line with your back. His hands are on his knees. Breathe smoothly and quietly. 20-30 with a break from the worries and focus only on the pose. It helps to balance all of the processes in the body.

3. Lie on your back, arms stretched upward. Slowly exhale, raise your body forward, lean forward and grab the ankles, face utknites knees. In this position, hold your breath for 5-10 seconds. On the inhale, return to the starting position. Repeat 2-3 times. This position helps the spleen, liver, and kidneys.

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