What weight is considered ideal for the growth?

Weight loseSome take their own blueprint appearance popular “stars” and try to visually “reincarnated” in her, imitating her in almost everything.

And if, for example, the weight of that distant “star” does not exceed the (again, no reliable information is usually taken from a yellow tabloid press) – 55 kg, and its “double” wants at all costs to have exactly the same, although there are the Lord God gave krupnokostnoy complexion and large growth. And without all the nuances they rush “in the fight” for the right to be called “well, just a second …”.

For this purpose, all possible and impossible means. While not thinking about the consequences, but in the end we have to seriously undermine health. Unfortunately, not everyone can reasonably assess the situation. Of course, most of the problems there is the fair sex. They tend to treat too biased to personal appearance and shape, in particular. Sometimes can not even help a loved one argument. This is actually a big psychological problem and postpone its decision is not necessary.

It is important to understand that bringing your weight to an imaginary ideal, you can not at the same time become a second, for example Angelina Jolie. And is it so good to be second someone better to remain number one for his beloved. After all, he chose you and loves you so what is. Because for him you add harmony. Harmony – this is actually the fundamental stone of beauty. It is not for nothing noted that people with perfect, if taken separately, the elements of the figure and face, often do not have the harmony between them and are perceived as ugly. On what should be repelled, trying to estimate presented Mother – nature-esteem, and how to determine whether you are perfectly stacked?

This question has long reopen minds. Already in the nineteenth century through the efforts of the Belgian scientist, sociologist and scientist A. Keitel was a formula for the calculation of the index of the human masses. Nothing complicated here, it just took a lot of the body (the data are expressed in kg) divided by its height test people (in meters). And before it was noticed that height and weight are somehow connected. But it was one of the first he was able to formulate this interdependence of body weight of human growth. He also developed a whole range of points by which divided people into groups according to their weight. The first were recorded by those who did not make it to 19 points. They were anchored a title of “the lack of weight gain.” From 19 to 25 (the female half – up to 24) points ranked second group. It may be called “normal”. But in the third group focused just did representatives with obvious signs of obesity, in which he identified three stages.

However, although this type of settlement and is recognized all over the world, it is not ideal. Calculate correctly so the weight ratio in children, adolescents, pregnant women and the elderly is almost impossible. And not showing weight on it to determine the content of fat and where it is most concentrated, as the fat is distributed in the body is not uniform. The same theme continued and fellow Belgian – F. Nagler. He proposed to have in addition to take into account the changes occurring under the influence of temporary factors – age. He took back to the starting point, which was a growth equal to 152.4 cm at him, he assigned only 45 kg. But for every excess of the increase added about 2.5 cm 0.9 kg. The resulting weight then increased by 10%. Impact on the change in the mass of the human body such as the two factors, the length (height) and age studied and learned Brocken.

In his reflections on the growth of the checked person subtract the number 110 (in the case of “up to forty-year” period) or 100 (when we are dealing with a representative of the “over forty years’ period). If you have the nature of a large-caliber figure, then Priplyusuet here another 10% if you are born with a slim build of the body, the result, on the contrary, deduct the same 10%. Based on the growth so we are trying to calculate the ideal weight. But nothing is permanent.

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